Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing SystemSurveys show that more than 80% of coffee drinkers like to brew their coffee at home. Hence, it is not surprising why the coffee maker single cup has gained popularity because it lets you enjoy brewed coffee in just a few minutes without the mess.

With a variety of single cup machines available today, keep in mind the following details that will guide you in choosing the best single cup coffee maker:

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Beverage Selection

Most of the manufacturers of brewing machines also create a variety of coffee flavors in pods. One of the key pieces of information to check is the number of coffee varieties available for your brewer. Review the assorted flavors of coffees, chocolates and teas at K-Cups, Pods and T Discs that you can brew with your coffee maker. Ensure that the coffee pods are accessible in the market or verify if other brands are compatible substitutes.

You should also consider the cost of the beverage, therefore, it is best to compare prices and calculate which type is right for your budget.

Capacity of Reservoir and Sizes of Cup

The volume of water that the machine’s reservoir can hold is essential if there are many people in the household. Large size tank means fewer times for a refill.

If you want to drink coffee in different cup sizes, you should opt for a machine with an adjustable base. This allows you to change from small to large size cups. Likewise, take into account the number of people in your home who will be using your coffee maker. A machine that allows several cup sizes will be more practical.

Size of the Coffee Maker

Determine the amount of space you can allot in your kitchen for your brewer, so you can decide on the size to buy. Choose the best color that will fit in your kitchen. Many people prefer stainless steel brewer because it can match any color design of kitchens.

Adjustable Settings

Assess if the machine can regulate the temperature and time of brewing that will enable you to prepare the strength of coffee you would like to drink. As recommended by the National Coffee Association, the temperature of hot water should be between 195˚-205˚F.

Although most of the brewers generate noise as it operates, you can check if the level is bearable before deciding on what to buy.

Many coffee makers come with touchscreen features that are user-friendly for consumers.

Reusable Filter or Refillable Container

Look for a coffee maker which has a container where you can brew your ground coffee beans instead of the usual packed coffee flavors.

The choice of the best single cup coffee maker depends on your preference and needs. Here is the list of famous coffee maker brands with their corresponding features that are available for coffee drinkers.

Single Cup Coffee Makers Reviewed

Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Brewer

Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup One Cup Pod BrewerHamilton Beach single cup coffee maker has automated turn off, so you would not brew the coffee for too long and avoid a fire incident. You will easily find a convenient place in your kitchen for storage because it is a small device. You can also take it along when you travel because it is compact.

The brewer offers a single cup of coffee that is about eight ounces. For coffee drinkers who consume large cups of coffee, this may not be the ideal product. For people who drink a single serving of coffee at a time, this perfect machine will give you freshly brewed gourmet coffee. The coffee pods for this machine comes in various flavors that are accessible in the market.

Some people use the product as a supplement for their main coffee maker. Many buyers believe that the features of the product are worth the money. Most of the people who purchase the appliance are happy with its performance and durability.

Bunn MCU Single Multi Use Coffee Brewer

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee BrewerThe Bunn single cup coffee maker offers fast brewing of less than one minute and comes with four compartments for K-Cups, soft coffee, ground coffee beans and teas. Its multifunctional features make it one of the preferred brands of single serve coffee brewers. This is applicable for people who both love the freshly ground coffee and instant coffee flavors. In addition, it has a pulse brew feature that regulates the concentration of brewed coffee.

The machine has a sturdy and industrial design; hence, this type of brewer is in coffee shops and restaurants. However, it produces noise during the brewing process.

It needs regular cleaning by removing the metal base, which has detachable trays that you need to drain. All these accessories are dishwasher safe. Manufacturers recommend thorough cleaning every three months.

The machine offers a two-year warranty, which includes unit replacement. This is one of the factors that make it popular compared to other brewers that give a one-year warranty.

Black Decker CM618 Single Serve

Black & Decker CM618 Single Serve CoffeemakerThe machine brews ground coffee and packed coffee pods directly into a thermal travel cup. It is ideal for people with a dynamic lifestyle and travel a lot. The insulated mug can contain 16 oz. of coffee to keep your coffee hot while you travel. The brewer has an easy one-touch control panel. Furthermore, it automatically shuts off to prevent overheating. It does not need paper filter; hence, it saves you money from buying a replacement and conserves the environment. The parts of the brewer are also safe to clean in a dishwasher. This coffee maker offers consumers a two-year warranty.

Keurig OfficePro Brewing System

Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing SystemThis Keurig coffee maker has industrial grade quality; hence, you can expect a heavy-duty device. The machine can brew three different cup sizes, which are six oz., eight oz. and ten oz. You can clean it without the fuss because the drip trays and internal reservoir are detachable. The water tank can hold about 48 ounces of water that will allow you to have more cups of brewed coffee.

The machine brews pre-packed K-cups, which are single cup coffee that come in different flavors. The wide choice will surely delight your guests and office staff. The brewer produces noise as it brews your coffee, which is tolerable for many consumers.

Final Thoughts

We hope these single cup coffee maker reviews will help you in deciding what machine will benefit you the most. In addition, you should check the following tips before finally making the purchase:

  • Know how much money you can spend for buying a coffee maker.
  • Evaluate your drinking routines to know which type suits your lifestyle.
  • Determine the extra devices you prefer to have with your brewer. Knowing this beforehand will assist you in choosing the right product to satisfy your requirements.
  • Browse the internet for resources and information about available coffee makers. Try to look for sites that conduct impartial reviews so that you will be sure to get accurate feedbacks. You can also visit nearby shops to get the real view and actual specifications of the brewers. Compare the prices and promotional deals available on physical outlets and on online retailers.
  • Consider reliable and dependent brands in the market that can give you products with excellent quality.

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The numerous advantages of brewing machines continue to fascinate coffee drinkers. You need to make a careful study and evaluation so you can select the best single cup coffee maker.