For the longest time, the title of “The Best Drink” has remained vacant. The world population has been significantly divided in half as people support their favourite everyday drink. Coffee and tea have been battling against each other for the ultimate title.

Coffee vs tea is a favourite debate topic among regular caffeine and tea drinkers. They would just say anything to prove their point, that either coffee or tea is the best drink. Then again, maybe it’s time to separate fact from arguments made just for the sake of arguing.

Coffee vs Tea

Alphabetically, coffee will be discussed first. Historically, coffee was first introduced around the 15th century in the country of Yemen. Coffee beans come from the coffee plant. Once the fruit of the plant has ripened, it is gathered and dried in order to attain the seeds inside. The seeds are roasted, grounded and brewed to create the morning drink everyone loves so much. When comparing coffee vs tea, coffee can be a bit tedious to prepare.

Tea, on the other hand, is a simple process. Its origin can be dated back on the 10th century in China. The beverage is produced by pouring boiling water over tea leaves or tea bags, which are basically seeds from the tea plant.

Now that you know where each contender came from, it’s time to fully compare them. This coffee vs tea comparison will discuss the pros and cons of each drink depending on the aspect given, mainly health, social and economic.

Economically, the consumption of coffee and tea depends on which country you are in. In China and the United Kingdom, tea is the best-seller. In Spain and America, coffee is the market favourite. Coffee can be noted as a good business because of the hype of Starbucks, the commercialized idea of coffee. On the other hand, tea is also a good venture because of the shifting fad to health. Cold milk tea beverages are being introduced as a healthier version of Starbucks, and more people are getting hooked, especially non-drinkers of coffee.

In terms of health, this is the center of the coffee vs tea debate. There are numerous health benefits for each, but then most food and drink have their own pros and cons regarding health.

For the pros of coffee, the drink is known as a very good prevention for heart disease and diabetes. The caffeine in coffee is said to fight off asthma, according to several studies. The antioxidants of coffee could also prevent liver disease. Little fun fact says that coffee has a bit of calcium and protein in it. However, the downside of coffee is that its properties could heighten one’s cholesterol. Excessive coffee can also lead to hyper-acidity and could cause tooth discoloration.

Tea, on the other hand, is known to be the healthier when compared to coffee. Tea is very much famous for its antioxidants, and is a good source for hydration. Different kinds of tea also have something different to offer. Green tea promotes fat oxidation. White tea prevents cancers that can be triggered by obesity. Tea is also good for controlling weight and for soothing nerves. Unfortunately, tea can also be harmful when consumed in big amounts. Adding milk to tea might decrease the benefits the drink has. The caffeine found in tea can more likely lead you to hyperactivity. Finally, tea contains a large amount of tannin, an ingredient that reduces the absorption of iron in the body which can lead to anaemia.

Socially, tea and coffee are good ice breakers. It depends on the person or group of people you want to hang out with. If they are coffee drinkers, maybe you could find a nice place that serves both coffee and tea so that you can all share a nice bonding moment.

Coffee vs Tea Infographic