Best Coffee BeansThe world recognizes coffee as one of the most sought-after drinks that come from coffee beans. With the many varieties available, it is not surprising that many people ask for the best coffee beans that can fill their cups.

More than 70 countries plant coffee beans, which are distributed worldwide. The two significant types of coffee plants are the Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. Around 80% of the coffee produced for consumption is the Arabica coffee while 20% for Robusta. Robusta has more caffeine content that is around one to four percent compared to Arabica’s caffeine, which is slightly more than one percent.

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Here are the best coffee beans in the world that you can try to see if they will satisfy your palate:

Our Ultimate Guide to Coffee Beans

Kenya AA Coffee

Kenya grows the premium coffee in the rich soils of high plateaus with an approximate altitude of more than 6,600 feet above water level. The country ranks their coffee according to the bean size, wherein the AA grade means the largest measurement having a diameter of about one-fourth inch. It has a powerful, fragrant, flowery aroma with an aftertaste mixture of wine and citrus flavor.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

The fertile soils of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru nurtures one of the world’s greatest coffee beans. The bean has an intense, rich and sweet flavor that comes from the peaberry coffee plant. This plant bears a distinct whole bean cherry or coffee fruit instead of the usual two half seeds. Medium roasting will give a floral aroma with a wry and velvety taste. In addition, it has a milder acidity than the Kenyan coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

It is a Caribbean crop grown in the Blue Mountain, which is an elevated level between 3,000-5000 feet above the sea. This also comes from a peaberry coffee plant and one of the best coffee beans for espresso. The sweet, mild, creamy and traces of chocolate flavor make it a popular choice for coffee lovers.

Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

This coffee has a sweet and fruity taste that has a striking similarity to Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. The reason behind it is that both of them are grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

The coffee bean has sweet, floral, and fragrant aroma with lingering traces of toasted coconut taste. It comes from Ethiopia, coffee’s land of origin.

Ethiopian Harrar Coffee Beans

A coffee plant cultivated an Arabica in the Southern part of Ethiopia with an altitude between 4,500-6,300 feet. This is popular for its fruity, y and floral flavor.

Wild Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak

This is one of the rarest coffee beans; it has its origin in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. The Palm Civets of Asia consume the sweetest coffee berries and pass it out of their intestinal tract. The farmers in turn gather, clean, dry and market the beans. However, there is a rising controversy on the abuse of the civets during the collection process. Hence, some businesses discontinued offering this type of coffee.

Java Arabica Coffee

The Arabica coffee grows in Java Island of Indonesia, specifically on the Ijen Plateau with an approximate height of 1,400 meters above the sea level. The taste reveals sweet and soft quality with a moderate acidity level compared to other Indonesian coffees.

Mocha Java Coffee

A combination of Java Arabica coffee and Arabian mocha coffee is the most popular and oldest coffee mixture.

Sulawesi Toraja Coffee

This coffee presents a fruity and chocolate zest. Coffee drinkers suggest dark roasted bean as its best preparation.

Hawaii Kona Coffee

It is an Arabica coffee cultivated in the Hualalai Volcanoes and the hills of Mauna Loa in Hawaii. The taste offers winey, spicy and fragrant aroma.

Panama Geisha Coffee Beans

The Geisha, which is a variety of Arabic coffee bean, is planted in Boquete highlands in the western part of Panama. Despite being one of the newest coffee beans in the market, this variety already gained the recognition as one of the best coffee beans.

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee

This is one of the premium coffee beans of Indonesia with a sweet taste and hints of chocolate flavor.

Whatever variety of coffee bean that you will most likely try, it is important to note that roasted coffee spoils easily. For people who have no access to freshly roasted coffee beans, an excellent option is to buy unroasted coffee beans. You can preserve its quality for a year by putting it in proper storage. Likewise, this will allow you to stock assorted types of coffee beans that you can blend.

Coffee Bean Reviews

Check out the reviews of some of the brands of coffee beans available in the market:

Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean CoffeeStarbucks chooses only the finest Arabica coffee beans that can endure extreme heat from roasting to achieve a smoky taste. Coffee drinkers who prefer strong flavor without the bitter taste will not be disappointed. Furthermore, the aroma that the coffee emits when you grind it is enticing. Because of its low acidity, consumers have never experienced gastric upset. Over 90% of those who tasted the coffee gave positive feedbacks. Likewise, most of the buyers will continue patronizing the product.

Colombian Supremo Coffee

Colombian Supremo Coffee, fresh roastThe manufacturer is proud to inform the public of their environmentally friendly device for roasting coffee. The roasters use sophisticated technology that decreases the release of gases that are harmful for the Earth’s atmosphere by about 80%. Some consumers grade the product as one of the best coffee beans around. Furthermore, the quality it possesses goes beyond its price. Hence, this is a real value for your money.

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark, Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass Dark, Whole Bean CoffeeThis is a blend of Central American and Indonesian roast to formulate a strong coffee flavor. Another amazing feature is that the coffee bean is organic. It has a rich dark flavor without the bitter aftertaste. About 90% of the reviewers are satisfied with the taste of this coffee bean.

With the different varieties and brands of coffee beans listed, you have a wide array of products to choose from to find out which ones suit your taste.

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